Wednesday, January 8

The Highlights of My 2013 (August - December)

Hooray for part 2 of what 2013 has been like for me! I wrote about Part 1 yesterday.

Looking back at each month got me really sentimental. I lived 2013 the way I know best how and it made me really crazy happy!

 To be consistent with my simplified efforts last month, I once again intensified my love affair with Sunday markets. I did my best to wake up early morning for a good run, then have my good-for-the-heart breakfast and take home some fresh produce for the week’s meal plan. Not only did I shop for organic foods there, I also tried my luck in growing herbs in my own garden. I started with basil, thyme, oregano and mints. I need to learn more about this, though. Excited for this home garden project this February! <3

with my household
Another milestone in the de Vera family is celebrating Nanay Roming’s 89th birthday. We are so grateful for her life and her strength to carry on!

Nanay with her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

In the Philippines, September is one of the much anticipated months as it is a beginning of Christmas. Yes, we celebrate early (and lengthy)! Also, in September we celebrated my Momsie's 53rd birthday here in Manila with the Napolitanos. It was a perfect excuse for more DIY, home-cooking and reunion with relatives.

Mama and the grandparents
There was such a bummer moment for me too when I lost my wallet after a good spa date with my friend. I know must be so relaxed that I dropped it while hopping into the car. But, the next day a man called my office (it pays off to have business cards inside your wallet). In the end, I got my wallet back with everything in it. A true testimony that there are still good people here in Earth ;)

This is where we had lunch when I got my wallet back. Good life!
I fell in love with boxing!
with my boxing buddy
It’s my birthday month and I went on for my first and solo international trip. I met my friends in Singapore and they are so kind that they blessed me with almost everything I need for my 5-day vacation. Also, I was able to meet a lot of tourists too! I’ll write more about it soon :)
giddy me!
The Halloween party I organized together with my “Hallie” friends that made us move mountains to push through. Glad to know that my colleagues had fun too!!!

it was a masquerade party :)
I joined my first badminton tournament. And I think I did great! Planning to join a badminton group this year to enhance my smashing abilities :P
our game-on face
Yehey!!! Planned and did our first out of town trip with de Vera cousins in Tagaytay. We made it! Looking forward for more trips with them :P
in costumes!

December was bittersweet for me. There were difficult decisions to make in order to truly see what is best for me and us. It has its fair share of ups and downs but nonetheless, it was worth the ride. The love from family and friends kept me alive and want to live for more!

Aaaaaaaand finally, we were able to convince my parents to spend their Christmas holidays here in Manila. We all had fun just being together and exploring the city. This experience is a perfect year-ender! <3

Gosh! 2013 I really, really love you. 

2014, beat that! :)

For a victorious 2013,


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