Friday, December 13

Mama at 53

Mama's birthday last September 22nd was a perfect excuse to bring out all the creativity in my household. She came all the way from Pangasinan to be able to celebrate her special day with her family in Manila. Thank you Pop for being kind enough to "lend" her to us (I have clingy parents, just so you know). 

On a hot Saturday afternoon, we started to brainstorm for what simple gathering. We pulled out the YUMMY magazines and gathered a few recipes. Since Mama wanted a low-key, hassle-free food preparation (she is always the master chef)... we decided to have DIY burgers! I added leftover beer to the patties to tickle the adult taste buds and it was a hit! Everyone is happy to place their orders! Instant business! :) She also made her famous spring rolls. Miguel brought the yummy black velvet cheesecake from Mary Grace. My cousin Micha insisted to make ref cake and popcorn cups. After all, we expected little cousins and kids at heart to drop by the apartment. 

Posing-posing with the burger
fun starts here

graham cake. strawberry lemonade. popcorn cups. spring rolls.
Look here, Ma! Does she look like she's 53? I wish to look like her someday. She is aging with grace and I think he best secret is having that positive, cheerful outlook in life. She talks a lot and laughs really hard. In fairness, di pa yan mahilig mag-ayos. She always want to keep things simple :)

birthday girl

We are happy to welcome guests at home too. Our family is camera happy. No need for games or to turn on the videoke machine! It is so much fun just catching up with our relatives :)

a decent one
The look-up pose
And oh, this little munchkin also celebrated her birthday same as Mama. They're cute together! <3

Mama & cousin Naya

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