Tuesday, January 14

4 Simple Goals for 2014

I'm a goal-setter! I work best when I've written down my goals - be it daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. 

Fourteen days (14) of 2014 have passed and I just can't contain how those days came by like a lightning! I'm not complaining in any way but my impression is that 2014 will be both challenging and exciting. Let's just say, I have received breakthroughs already and I'm ready for more! :)

For me not to be caught up in all the hullabaloos, to keep my cool and focus intact, I'm sharing my 4 simple goals for 2014 with you:

1. Be always present. 
I do not only mean reporting to work on time, 5 days a week. More so to be present with the people that matter most, in their milestones (both big and small) in life. You know how it feels like when you are invited to a party and every detail seems to be taking your attention from the celebrant? I want to make a reform on that - to take home more shared stories than photos I took. I'm more interested now in creating deeper conversations and more of life with family and friends.

2. Be more of a home-buddy.
I was never one. I'm the kind who is always on the go. And this 2014, I want to learn how to value rest and stillness and relaxation at home. I only intend to visit two new places this year - USA and BKK. I told myself, not to book local plane rides until the end of December. Haha! My overseas travel plans are okay for now :P It means more time for my quiet sessions, reading, writing, cooking, gardening, DIY projects and perhaps, cocktail-making too. Friends are welcome to visit me!

3. Be consistent with my fitness plan.
Eat more greens daily. Drink up smoothies everyday. Cut some meat and rice and sugar. Run every Saturday and Sunday morning. Attend boxing classes thrice a week. Do yoga at home. 

4. Be a saver, not a spender.
I'm always kuripot but I have hoarder tendencies. I need to work hard on this by starting to unsubscribe with most of online sites I follow. Hihi! I also plan to continue the "clothing exchange" thing with some of my girlfriends. And oh, I should also put to good use the craft materials I hoarded in 2012. I'd love to grow my herb garden - both healthy and economical. I also started a TMF (The Me Fund) saving plan with my friends. 

That's my list. Wish me luck! Care to share your goals for 2014 too? 

Happy goal-setting,



  1. Hi Keeves! This one's nice! It is such a good thing to have goals for the year. :-) Good luck to you and may you achieve all of these :-) I have no specific goals though. Would a general one such as an "improved ME" count? haha!

  2. Hi Tine! Thanks for dropping by :)
    The "Improved ME" can be your theme for 2014 then you can create small goals/steps to achieve that. Remember, goals are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound)! We can do this!!! PUSH lang :)


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