Saturday, July 26

On being Busy

I came from a humble home of hard-working parents. Their back story as former working students to help their families is a clear indicator of how they added value to the limited hours of each day while keeping their eyes are fixed of earning a college diploma. Lucky for me and my brother, we didn't need to find a job while in studying and are privileged to have attended good schools in our province. Our only task is to do the best that we can whatever season we are in - to study well and learn more than the lessons taught inside the classroom.

Growing up, I thought I have unlimited time to spend. I thought living a full life means keeping my days with full schedule. Back when I was living with my parents... pre-college years, my days are quite simple. Pray, eat, sleep, study, play, clean then repeat. Fast forward when I entered college, I felt like the world welcomed me with so much opportunities. I always take full units every semester wanting to finish college in less than four years or maybe I could learn more subjects. I joined every organization that fits my interest.. you name it! I say yes to every friend's invitation with the fear of missing out if I pass. I was living independently so going home exhausted from all the activities, my body still need to finish my household chores - cleaning, doing the laundry, cooking and you know, the not-so-glamorous works. 

All these, by doing GOOD at almost EVERYTHING. I was deceived by the enemy. I was brainwashed that doing good at everything makes me a better person to myself and to others. By saying yes to everything will make me happier. Haven't I known that good is the enemy of best? That being good at everything will make me great of nothing. 

Just a few weeks back, it hit me hard when God reminded me once again that I needed to pause from all the works I committed myself in. I am being tagged as a busy person and I'm not liking that either. I know, God just wants me to be better at simplifying my life while doing great at what is important and value-adding. Joyce Meyer, one of my favorite writers wrote a powerful message, "I have committed to learn to do things in God's rhythm, not the world's pace." 

My prayer is that we shall live every day full of God rather than be fooled by the fullness of our schedule.

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