Tuesday, January 13

Start of the Year 2015

And here I go again... at the start of the year, revisiting this space and trying to rekindle my love for writing. Can you cross fingers with me too? That I stay committed and consistent with this. Please?

We are always hopeful and excited of what the new year will bring or where it will take us this time. We make lists of goals and resolutions. We refocus on what's necessary and purge whatever burden (or maybe fats too?) we had in the past. We plan our travels in every official holiday in the Philippine calendar. We like to be better versions of ourselves.

The Daykeeper 2015

As I write my faith goals for 2015, nothing came out from my heart. Are my dreams and desires dead already? Am I willing to settle again on what this world could offer? Have I lost faith to not even know what I'm believing for God will do in my life this year? There was a feeling of discomfort because I am not being myself. But, God reminded that setting aside those bullet points I have already received the greatest blessing by accepting Jesus in my life. Whether my faith goals are answered with a bold YES or a YES BUT NOT NOW or a NO because God has a better plan, the love of Lord for me never change. His promises will be fulfilled not because of my own efforts but because of His character as a promise-keeping God.

My prayer to God is to help me write my list of faith goals that manifests more of Him and less of me. Dude, it was tough! As I wrestle with my human selfish desires, I kept on pressing on and on to God with a cry for help. To deny myself in order for God to work in my midst. During the Day 2 of Prayer and Fasting, God did not disappoint. Like water in the stream, God's help kept flowing and to my delight He impressed me with big, courageous goals. Exciting, happy times! All might seem to be like a blur right now, but I will hold on to that faith that all will be possible because of Him. All I need is to do is to honor Him with my choices and in everything I do, even in the way I think. As Pastor Joshua said, "He is a God of new beginnings. He is a God of perfect endings."

Here's my core inspirational verse and theme for 2015.
Indeed, God alone is my greatest reward. All others are just bonuses!

To God be all the glory,


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