Wednesday, February 5

Season of Newness

White Chic
current obsession: Polyvore. they're pretty and totally not related to my post :p

With all the open tabs in my computer right now, beautiful things are keeping me sane. If you care, I'm pretty swamped with a lot of things lately (as many of you can relate to). But as they say, whatever season we are in, we have to make the most of it. So, I'm here thriving to the best I can. I'm in a season of newness, folks. New role at work, new learning, new goals, new demands, new people to deal/learn with and the list goes on. I will never deny that I have doubted myself a couple of times. Luckily, I have supportive people around me. I'm trying my very best to just shut up and absorb from the "people who have been there". Another humbling experience and I'm counting it as another success on my list.

Life's still beautiful and crazy too, in my side of world. I hope you are having blast wherever you are!

Enjoying every season,



  1. Super cute outfit that you posted. But yeah good luck with all the new things in your life. New things can be very overwhelming but it seems like your doing good plus you said you have lots of supportive people around you and that's always a great thing. :)


    1. Hi Nina! Thank you for dropping by my little space. I really appreciate it <3 It's the positive people around like you makes life even more beautiful! :)


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