Thursday, January 30

Thrifting & Creating

I don't usually shop for clothes now. I'm done with that phase in my life where I plot every mall sale or bazaar event in my calendar. After so many years of accumulating material goods, I felt bummed by how much I spent on these temporary things rather than investing in real life treasures such as traveling. 

I started making little changes with my spending 3 years ago or earlier. I tried to forego buying new stuff while still maintaining the "fassshyownista" in me. I pretty do a great job mix matching my 3-week worth of clothes and accessorizing. I also made this annual clothing swap with a friend - each of you get a new set without spending a single dime. Once in a while I go to ukay-ukay where I find vintage and boho pieces that I really adore. Sometimes, I get lucky that my friends are so generous to extend their loot of goodies for me! How can I possibly not look good even with a  little budget on clothing? I just need to make the best out of what I have. Speaking of which, my friends at Pinay Curvies have this challenge of sharinsomething old from your treasures. I thought of joining in to show my support and encouragement that being beautiful and fashionable need not to be expensive especially if you are living in this big city where every price of your basic needs goes up.

I found this really flowy, vintage skirt from one of my ukay-ukay trips and had an idea of making it into a new dress. Thank you to my trusted modista for making it possible!

Investment: PHP 70 skirt + PHP 80 modista fee = PHP 150
It's Thursday today and consider this my #TBT entry. Hehe! This was me in 2012 for a trip in Bacolod.

What do you think about my little saving tip, ladies? :)

Keeping it real & simple,



  1. Gorgeous! P150 lang?! Ahlaveet! Love the braids, too!

    1. Yes, mare! Tipid moves talaga. Maybe I can gift it to you na? :P

    2. Kung kasya ba naman sa boobs eh, why not? Haha!


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