Saturday, July 19

Oh Hello Again, A Catch-up Post!

I know.. it's been a long time. Really long. Let's not count the days.. errr months.

Needless to say, I got caught up with a lot of new things happening in my life. I've mentioned here before that I'm visiting America. And in between work, and more work in order to finance my trip, it's finally happening exactly one month from now. Whew! Where did the time go? Maybe I did a lot of changes with my lifestyle the past months and totally rocked them ;)

Because of my US trip which roughly gave me about six months to prepare, I have to work double time and save more than I used to. I had to give up on a lot of socializing and random purchases like local flights on sale, washi tapes, scarf and French macarons. You get the picture? For about 4 years now, I'm not much of a big spender so little things like those are a luxury and a bit difficult to let go. Aside from my day job, I self-advertise myself as a party host/planner/coordinator/crafter to my Facebook friends.
The best reward is when people are grateful for your help. That's me from a destination wedding last March.
Happy to report, I have commissioned five events in the first half of 2014 and even have the need to turn down some offers to concentrate on the preparation of my long haul trip! I'm truly grateful to my first clients who trusted me. They made a big contribution in making one of my travel dreams come true.
Travel fund jar for plane tickets and a Lumix LX7.
All the hardwork, sleepless nights and tight muscles are totally worth it. No amount of stress can shake the reality that I'll soon be ticking off America in my travel bucketlist. 
Aside from happy, exciting changes at work... I also made an effort to try new workouts. Side thought: it seems like I love working this season, "work per se" and "working out" if you miss those out. Hehe. I did continue on boxing at the gym while my vouchers last. I tried pushing my core to its limit by training for the Triton Dragonboat Team every Sundays. I also took a 7-day bikram yoga which is totally addicting if only I could afford the unlimited package rates. I did my best to run and do 25-minute T25 workouts at home. Guess what, I'm not sure if my weight lowered but I feel better and stronger. To add, I lessen eating pork and having desserts. I eat breakfast at home and packed my lunch almost everyday.
Paddles up!
Outdoor running is ♡.
Our favorite line is "Concentrate. Meditate. Push"
Another positive change this 2014 is focusing on what God wants me to do. I actually have a virtue theme, OBEDIENCE. Without the grace of God, it is impossible for my bull-headed self to obey whole-heartedly. Praises to Him! I was able to find a Victory group (a bible study group with about 8 eight ladies) whom I shared life with and have been my sisters in this walk of faith. I continued to attend my Wednesdates with friends to talk about Jesus while sharing blueberry cheesecake. Also, I enlisted my talent at the Production Ministry.
Oh the joy of serving at our local church.
Sharing God's truth to these wonderful ladies.
Burpmates forever.
This pretty much summed up what I've been up to when I went MIA from this little space. Good times, good vibes!

Oh, miss you! I'll be right back soon to share my preparations and how God blesses people to bless me too! Thank you for sticking around ♡



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