Friday, December 13

Kaching, Kaching!

High five Friday the 13th! It's not like it is the most celebrated day of the year but if you belong to the working class like me, today is your lucky day. Coming up is our much-awaited, well-deserved "extra" income, 13th month pay on Friday the 13th! Oh yeah!!! Everybody in the office must be in good mood. Oh EDSA traffic, please be good also :)

BUT before we spend/save our little "treasure chest", let's understand how our perspective of money can affect our decisions and our well-being as well. Did you know that money is an issue of the heart? Think of the times when you needed to pay your bills and suddenly you feel some unexplained heartache? Or those days, when you lined up at the counter and realized you forgot your plastic card so you have no choice but to pay in cash? It hurts, right? Because you know it is hard-earned money. You wake up early each day, geared yourself up for work and do your best to contribute for the success of the company you are employed at. Sounds familiar? Now, I wonder how much joy... and stress money can give us every pay day. 

A few Wednesdays ago at Church, I was blessed to be reminded by this verse from Matthew 6:21 "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." This only validates that God is our ultimate Provider and we should put our heart in Him first before worrying on how to budget our earnings. It is putting into perspective that He gave us abilities and a job for us to get paid twice a month. I don't claim I'm stress-free in terms of my finances but it is more manageable than ever! I'm also able to give more cheerfully with the right frame of mind :)

Do you consider God as your master over money? Think about it! 

Bountiful life ahead,


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