Friday, December 20

I'm NOT an Excellent Gift Giver

Here comes the season of gift giving & merriment... and I'm pretty bummed... again! Last year, I promised myself that I'll make a gift list for my family and friends. This is to make me a more thoughtful giver and make my receiver the happiest. Not to mention, this strategy will also be easy for my pocket.

Where did the time go? I have not listed anyone/anything for Christmas. It made me cray-cray again, nearly into tears as the days are nearing to the 25th! I know, I know I should not stress myself as the season is stressful enough - with the traffic, parties in every corner, ballooning expenses and what-nots. 

Suddenly, the inner gift goddess in me come to life. Tada! I'd like to give gifts that are practical, has long expiry, eco-friendly and most of all, something that I would love to receive too. Since I needed a quick fix and can no longer stand the rowdy shoppers (both malls/bazaars), I decided to purchase almost everything online. And the product that holds true to all my simple standard is Human Heart Nature. I've been using their products for years now and I want to somehow promote their value-for-money, high quality Body & Home Care line to my receivers. I enjoyed the hassle-free shopping online! On the other hand, some of their best-selling products are already out of stock like the bug spray and massage oils. With a handy list of what exactly to buy for the others, I braved the mall and got items that can create traditions. One of my favorites are the 2-tier cupcake/pica-pica holder that will be perfect for tea parties. Yay!!! Of course, the foodie in me shouldn't be left behind. I got signature Owl coffee for some of my office mates. It took me only 3 days to complete everything minus the headache.

Bonus thing is I still had time left to be creative with the wrapping. I pulled out my kraft paper roll from last year, jute strings and washi tapes because I want to keep it simple. Here you go :)

I get passed the terrible gift-giver stage but I still feel I'm not yet excellent at this. I hope to do better next year :P

Happy giving,


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