Tuesday, September 17

All Day Breakfast in Bed

I normally plan my day and I'm pretty much diligent in following everything on the list. But God has a way to intervene my holy-guacamole schedule, in a very pleasant way. 

As early as ten minutes past 10 AM, I got a call from a man saying that I can claim my lost wallet in their office. Wow! That was unexpected to me. Kind of amazing too. I couldn't believe somebody would even bother and make an effort to contact the owner. YAY, I got my wallet back! Kudos to the honest citizens of the world.

To Con's and my delight, as we were walking along California Gardens Square, we spotted this cutesy cafe from afar called All Day Breakfast in Bed. Squealing to our heart's content, we went ahead to check out their menu and decided to have our celebratory lunch there. Before we entered the place, we were planning how to DIY our little home garden like theirs. There was a white mini fence for the rectangular plant boxes and added a homey feel.

a Twitter kind of decor :P
As we enter their glass door, we got excited to take a peak of what is inside. Their interior is very Pinterest-worthy. Too bad, my camera can't do justice, eek! Look at that classic French table. I want to take it home!!! 

Aside from being so chic, the design is clever too! Each dining set is situated to a headboard that exudes the illusion of bedroom/beds hence the name All Day Breakfast in Bed. We chose to be seated at the center where the beautifully upholstered chairs are. 

This lovely chair made me feel queenly.
Their friendly staff approached us for our order. She handed us their menu which was a photocopy. I'd like to think that their still undecided with the food list and would finalized it soon. According to the lady, they just opened like two months ago. 

We were not in the mood for sweets then so we got their two bestseller pastas: Spaghetti Meatballs (for Con) and Spaghetti Tinapa Marinara (for me). The price is okay  but the serving is for those with small appetite. I liked my spaghetti because of its simplicity, with just the hint of smoked fish. I'll give them a ten for their service and ambiance. However, they need to offer variety to their menu. Also, they can offer something unique to them and add home-baked goodies too. Will I go back? Of course! I actually did the next day with my friend Czar and we totally raved about their chairs.

To more beautiful surprises,


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