Thursday, August 29

Everyday Sunday: A Gigi Cupcake and some Slappy Cakes

One random Sunday, I decided to swing by Eastwood for a much-needed me-time. It was raining lightly so I decided to walk from Felina Corporate Plaza and grab a Gigi's cookie butter cupcake while I find my way to the "new" mall. Ooops, I didn't have a chance to take a photo of my delicate dessert as it is rather pleasantly satisfying to eat than just to look at. Oh, it was so good! I really liked the cake more than frosting because it is not too sweet for my taste plus it tastes like a cheesecake. What a treat! <3 Start pa lang ng muni-muni ko, sulit na!

As much I love being with family and friends, I enjoy "quiet" times alone - it could be reading a book, having tea, watching a movie, visiting a museum/park/library, going to churches, traveling etc. And that day was such a blissful moment of being aware/sensitive about the world other than mine. I was able to soaked in with the different homemade/organic products sold at the indoor Sunday market, watched the puppies wiggling their tails happily, admired the beautiful architecture of the business district and so on. It felt good! And I wanted more, so I headed to I Do Nails Salon for a foot spa. Although I liked the interiors and the staff were accommodating, the massage & exfoliating service is just an okay. I went back after 2 weeks with friends for eyebrow & upper lip threading, they did not disappoint. Very affordable service and super clean! Sulit ang bayad ko =)

My ultimate favorite among all other fruit teas.A-Gantea's Hawaiian Fruit Tea in 50% sugar to quench my thirst. 
After all my splurging, I met with my boyfriend who works at one of the BPO companies nearby on a Sunday. Eeep! As our usual foodie chitchat goes - Me: Gutom ka ba? Him: Uhmmm... medyo. San mo gusto? Me: (looking around for a cutesy cafe) kahet saan, alam mo naman ang mga gusto ko. TADAAAAAAH!!! My tricky answer does its magic. He asked me to accompany him at Jollibee first to get his stomach half-full and not spend much on ordering my kind of food (usually cupcakes, French macarons, organic/fresh juice). I delightfully obliged.

Upon the suggestion of our friends that he SHOULD take me to Slappy Cakes for some fun pancake-making experience, he let me peeked by the window. He teased me that it's not value for money since I can make a better pancake at home.  Naks, instant fan! He tries everything to talk me out of this but I was determined. Eventually, he gave in to my kakulitan
. I say, it is a labor of love, mi amore! HAHA! 

Looking at the menu, the price is quite expensive. The buttermilk batter is at PHP 225, approximately 6-7 pieces of medium-sized pancakes. We didn't have a particular liking at that moment so we got the classic bacon and maple syrup. Our order came with free simple syrup and mango syrup - which didn't suit our taste buds. The staff willingly made one perfect pancake for us. We were giddy kids listening carefully to each instructions and asked how to lower the temperature of the built-in stove.

First, I made an i-love-you pancake because I was trying to impress or convince my man that this is worth a try. It took him a few seconds to master holding his utensil and voila, he makes pancakes like there's no tomorrow. 

perfect one
another time of his life photo
we can be creative, y'know =)

At the end of our afternoon, we went home with a smile on our faces. It brings a lot of memories dining there like the old rainy days at home when mom whips a hot pancake for us. 

Happy pancake day,


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