Thursday, August 8

Travel Thursday: Puerto Princesa

There are a lot of backlogs from the day I started this blog so I'm trying to catch-up. To stay committed in writing my entries, I decided to create "features" for each day. 

Instead of the usual throwback Thursday which is a hit for all of us, I made up a TRAVEL THURSDAY. Isn't that equally exciting? :)

Last February, I together with Con, Miguel and Phil went to Puerto Princesa. We got giddy because it is our first travel for 2013. Aside from that, it is my first time to pack light for a 3-day trip and to be early at the airport. Breakthroughs! Hehe! 

Oh, it is also my first time to join arranged tours. I think this is a very practical move for us because we are a small group and we'd like to squeeze in as much activities we can within a teeny tiny budget. Plus, we thought it would be fun to explore the city with new people! 

We flew via AirPhil Express. Much to our delight, they gave us free snacks. WEEEE! Most importantly, we arrived 30-minutes early at our destination. Their airport is clean and very organized. People are very helpful and accommodating. The aerial view of Palawan is just breath-taking! We instantly fell in love, the first time we set foot to this land.

After we checked in to our little inn, we decided to have a quick lunch at the nearby restaurant, Ugong Rock. We ordered for their tinolang manok. Yummy treat under 100 pesos. Double thumbs-up!

Then, we went ahead for the city tour. We met wonderful people from Cebu and Germany. They made the trip extra special with exchanges of jokes and stories. The group instantly clicked. Also, our tour guide is very cool in his hot pink pants. WHUUUUUUT!

We visited the Cathedral, Baywalk, Plaza Cuartel, the Ranch, Palawan Wild Life Rescue & Conservation Center, Baker's Hill and pasalubong centers. 

We are happy that we weren't bugged by overzealous vendors. Past 6:00 pm, we rushed our way to Kalui. The place has cozy interiors but as expected fully-packed on a Friday night. The food was okay and a bit overpriced but I'm really grateful for the fresh fruit salad.

The next day, we had the Underground River tour & side trips. This is my favorite part of the trip. The van ride from the city to Sabang took us about 2 hours but we didn't mind because of the side trips - view of Tres Marias, coconut & tamilok eating contest, mangrove paddle boat and other scenic spots. The cave is majestic and well-preserved. We also had a chance to try Sabang X zipline. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G view up there! 

Before we go back to Manila, we squeezed in an island tour. The underwater is a bit murky that time although I was able to spot beautiful sea creatures. We agreed in chorus that our moment at Cowrie Island is our favorite because of the photo tricks by our boatmen.

We booked our tour package (includes hotel, breakfast, buffet lunch, transport to and from airport, city tour, underground river and honda bay tours) with Island Paradise Tours & Convention. This is advisable for first time goers with limited time to explore the island. Permit to enter the underground river needs to be secured as they only limit 900 guests per day. 

Main Office: 355 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Manila Office: Greenhills, San Juan

Telephone Nos: (+632) 697 4385

TelFax No: (+632) 727 0922
Cellphone Nos: (0917) 857 6248 / (0922) 821 1103 
Facebook: Palawan - Island Paradise Tours & Convention
Twitter: @iptourspalawan

Proud to be living in a tropical country,


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