Wednesday, August 7

Sunday Market: Centris

I always like to start my easy, lazy Sunday with an early trip to Centris. I've been a fan of this local market since its days at the grounds of Lung Center of the Philippines. It makes me feel closer to almost all the provinces of this beautiful country.

Fresh and organic produce from the nearby provinces were sold here - the less fatty Batangas beef, farm frogs from Bulacan, green vegetables and fruits from Tagaytay & Cavite, seafoods, carabao milk among others. 

My brother and I enjoyed picking from these produce for our everyday baon. Then, we found the best tasting iced tea! He got the guyabano and dalandan for me.

You can also choose from the wide array of home-cooked meals and desserts - from gourmet to different local dishes. Here's my favorite Spanish guy who makes his paella right there in his booth.

So for the rest of us who decided to stay here in the city to spend the long weekend, pack your eco bags and make your way to Centris Sunday market. You can ride the MRT and get off at Quezon Ave. It is open as early as 6am to 2pm. Happy long weekend!



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