Friday, March 2


It's the first day of March. A pitch person like me has learned from the last and is now ready to create opportunities to succeed while Manila is basking under excessive sun rays. Summer is so here!

A little scoop will do magic.
I decided to paint the day with mostly orange. Maybe, I need an assurance of warmth and the power to stay motivated. 
Orange you gonna make someone smile?
Add some orange to spice up your life. Use an orange highlighter to increase retention and creativity. Indulge in orange to feel good and look at your best. Tickle your mind and open the comic side of you!

Just as orange is true to its meaning and purpose, it also gave me so many reasons to be thankful for starting today...
  • "Looking good", Chedah commended my print on print outfit in shades of orange.
  • The Bossing unselfishly gave me a sweet room fragrance, just because.
  • Cunieform sent me a protein-packed lunch for FREE!
  • Straight from the Heart pedi-treat in chocolate matte plus more. I found my crafty buddy!
  • Somebody important said she trust my taste and my work. 
  • Received a retro chic high waist bikini from Ms. Millard.
  • Miguel & I are still super-duper cheesy.'nuff said.
  • My Contessa is getting married on the 10th. My Queen Bee on the other side of the world is celebrating her birthday on Sunday and I'm attending via Skype.
Hope the happy orange vibe is with you always! 

Looking forward to the next big thing,


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