Thursday, August 22

Good news!

The past four days Metro Manila and other provinces were hit by a typhoon. While this is another challenging time for the Philippines, I can't be more proud of how we handle such catastrophic event with great humor and resilience. Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy!

In another news, my cousin-in-law sent me a photo yesterday of my first and second Amazon purchases delivered to his home address in Utah and to be hand-carried  in December to reach my excited arms. Hoooray!!!

I've been pretty much interested in photography since I owned a Canon film camera way back in highschool. Basically, I just want to document as much "happenings" in my world. My Momsie and I filed a LOT of photos growing up, we’d love to continue it as a life-long project. That's why when I got a job right after college, I saved for an Olympus Tough camera (I used to do skin-diving so this unit is fitting).  Unfortunately, I shy away from printing the photos because saving them in my hard drive is less costly. Then I remembered my life-long project with mom! AHA-moment! I decided to re-start my blog and print photos and think of more ways to improve them. 

For now, I'll continue snapping away with my iTouch and Canon point&shoot camera. Happy Thursday!

Giddy as a kid,


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