Monday, January 6

Faith in Action

Today is Day 1 of the annual prayer & fasting at my Church. And yesterday, I'm fortunate to meet a few of my friends who share the same faith as I do. We gathered over chocolate fix at Xocolat Katipunan. We shared our victories and challenges in 2013, and our faith goals in 2014. We got a little bit sentimental of how far we've come in following, obeying God. Indeed, it is a living faith - how He molded each one of us and placed right where we belong. Of course, it is not an easy journey but we believed that our strength come from the grace of God and by the friendship He has especially planted in each of hearts. Our fellowship remained strong despite the distance and our lack of time, perhaps. We are truly grateful and honored and overwhelmed by how God has tremendously blessed and made us a great testimony of His faithfulness. Amazing!

I have written quite a number of faith goals in my family, ministry, career and personal. Let me share with you one of the things I'm strongly believing for this year - approval of my US visa and then travel fund for the trip that can sustain my visit for a month. I love to travel around the Philippines but I've never thought about visiting the States side because of I felt it is just impossible. But last year I got invited by my BFF-since-kindergarten and her fiance to their wedding in September 2014. Tada!!! This is a perfect excuse for a vacation and visit my relatives and friends there too. At first, I was reluctant and just wishfully thinking about it. I know I couldn't afford the visa application fee, ticket costs and other travel expense. Buuuuuuuuut, God has His way of telling me "Kid, you should trust me with this. C'mon, you can't do it but I can!". Wow, the Big Guy up there is talking to me?! Well, I believed Him forgetting about all the worries I have. True enough, my cousin (without me even asking and her popping up a message on Facebook) pledged for my visa application fee as a "talent fee" for my tour guide services when they visited the Philippines last year. Wow! I'm wide-eyed and totally grateful <3 Kinilig talaga ako! So, I trust that the US Embassy will grant me a US visa this year. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed too :P Then, last year I went ahead to see one international travel expo. I was pleasantly surprised to see flights via one famous airline at about $700 round-trip. It looks like my dream can be a reality soon! But before I daydream for it once again, I made sure my boss and the company I work are okay with my plan - 3 weeks to a month vacation. And they told me, it can be arranged as long as I do my best and prepare before this long scheduled leave. I know, I know... I'm joyful, grateful, teary-eyed, overwhelmed. While I wait for my interview and the result of my application, I want to stand in faith that God can deliver His promise. That He will be the approving body and provider for this USA trip in September 2014. With that, I'm putting action to my faith. Along with prayers, I'm setting up a very tangible (and cute) travel fund too. I trust that God will give opportunities for me to grow this - maybe I can do a garage sale of my stuff!

It is scary to write something I'm believing for here but I pray that as I share my story today, that it will be a testimony of God's faithfulness in my life as I choose to obey Him. Indeed, God can do miracles and knows the desires of our hearts even before we ask for them.

Jeremiah 29:11"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

In great faith,



  1. and tada! your visa has been approved. grabe keevee, God has been doing amazing things for you. few days pa lang after prayer and fasting, may answered prayers na. keep pushing. \:D/

  2. Thank you, Ana! You are guys are amazing for praying with me. With God, nothing is impossible! :)


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