Wednesday, January 21

People Come & Go

But sometimes, the universe decides to align your stars with these special people and create more memories with them.

This holds true with the classmates I had interacted with since the day I couldn't spell Mississippi (well, I don't think I can spell it until now without the auto-correct). We hangout around our little campus innocently, without realizing how we can play an important role in each other. Then, life happens. We chose our own paths to take and we journey with a lot of new people. Maybe, along the way we forgot what it's been like to have fun with the kids in that small school.

I cannot just emphasize how grateful I am for Facebook that I got a chance to be reunited with the people who I practically grow up with. Indeed, friendship knows no time and distance. Sila yung mga taong, willing na nakipaglaro sa akin noon kahit hindi pa ako gaanong kagandahan at patpatin pa. Ngayon, willing pa rin silang mag-take ng pictures ko dahil alam nilang ikakaligaya ko 'yun. Tapos pag nagkwentuhan kayo, parang kahapon lang kayo nagkita pero sa totoo lang andami nang nagbago. Imagine that's two decades ago or so. Super swerte ko talaga :)

Thank you for all the love! Cheers to life-long friendship and know that I will genuinely be happy for every milestone in your lives. Hopefully, I get to celebrate some with you :)

BFFing since 1988!
Kat is my neighbor and classmate. She migrated to the US when we were 4. We exchanged letters but lost touch in college. Got reconnected through Facebook then we planned a trip to Boracay in 2011. She asked me to be one of her bridesmaids at her wedding last September 2014 and I couldn't be more thrilled! :)
Her lola & my mom hang out a lot while waiting for Twinkle and I to finish classes at the preparatory school. She's always the most beautiful girl in school and I'm lucky to call her my friend. Got reunited with her and Kat in Boracay and in California when I visited last September. Oh, I'm one of the ninangs of her little girl, Abby <3
We're more like enemies growing up - let's just say I threw away his shoes because I was so pissed at him, That's my last memory of Sanny (okay, we were in Grade 2 or 3). Until, he went back to the Philippines for a vacation in 2013 and he kinda figured out a way to contact me. A year after, I went to NYC for vacation and we hangout at Central Park over beer. He was too kind to accommodate me for 2 weeks! :)
Shivone is a classmate from grade school and we've been each other's lunch date. We tried to keep in touch even after she decided to transfer in a different school and finally, to the US. I think, we SMS-ed each other every time she comes back for a vacation but never really found time to catch up. So happy we got to celebrate our singleness by traveling around San Diego and Las Vegas last year! 
High school never ends! JM is a close friend and my partner in crime. I miss having this guy around when I went to the University. And it feels good to catch up with him after 11 years while we travel around LA. Thanks for being my yaya boss!!! :P
Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself..." --- C.S. Lewis

To lasting friendships,


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